Thursday, August 28, 2014

Music: Migos - Thank You God

Migos' Young Rich Niggas mixtape dropped in February of last year, but the song "Thank You God", never got as much attention or play as it deserved. Check it out and see for yourself.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Music: K. Camp ft. Yo Gotti - Turn Up for a Check


Check out this heater from ATL upstart K. Camp, "Turn Up for a Check". The orignal version is just him, but this remix features Yo Gotti. K Camp has been steadily coming with quality records, adding features from established artsits for recognition - this is one of may faves. K. Camp's mixtape, entitled In Due Time, was released in April and features a lot of the hits you're hearing from him now.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Justin Bieber: Hip Hop Culture Vulture

The Urban Dictionary {} defines a "culture vulture" as someone who steals traits, language and/or fashion from another ethnic or social group in order to create their own identity. There is no better example of a culture vulture than Pop sensation Justin Bieber. But let's get the facts straight.

Justin Bieber is a 20 year old white boy born and raised in Ontario, Canada. He was an only child primarily raised by his mother. His rise to fame began in 2008-2009 after being discovered by Scooter Braun and being signed Usher and moving to Atlanta to develop his talent. Fast forward 5 years and Bieber has completely blown up, international superstar status. Albums, movies, endorsements and fortune.

You don't have to look that closely to see that Bieber's image has transformed as well. He came in the game, a bowl haircut having, slim Levi jeans wearing kid with a smile. Now he's a fully tatted, fully iced, shade-wearing "bad boy". He's had numerous run-ins with the law and media, he's almost the white Chris Brown minus the woman beating. The biggest change in Bieber though comes as a result of him being adopted by Hip Hop culture. Stars such as Lil Wayne and Floyd Mayweather have endorsed him, and because of their influence, he's been accepted in as an honorable inductee to this thing we call Hip Hop culture. The problem is, Justin Beiber is not really Hip Hop. This became apparent to me recently when a video obtained by TMZ almost 5 years ago recently surfaced. The video shows Bieber cracking a "black joke" and using the word "nigger" while knowingly being filmed by his own photog.

The deeper issue here is that Justin Bieber, who seems to be celebrated and loved by Hip Hop is a culture vulture. He has taken from Hip Hop culture to form his own image and gain street credibility but does not truly respect, or understand the culture or the people who created it. He's an outsider who was given a pass but has violated his welcome. These videos may be four years old, but throwing on a chain, watch and hanging out with rappers doesn't change the insult nor does it make him less accountable for the things he said. People that love Hip Hop don't make racist jokes about black people.

Friday, June 6, 2014

New Music: Migos - Handsome and Wealthy

Hot radio single "Handsome And Wealthy" from The Migos new mixtape No Label 2. These guys are still independent and still creating great music that's sticking in the clubs and the radio. They recently formed an indie imprint called QC or Quality Control. I get the feeling that these guys are content with being independent and collecting publishing and show money rather than shop for a major record deal.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Super Late Pass: K Camp -Cut Her Off ft. 2 Chainz[audio]

Ya'll know K Camp as the artist behind last year's monster hit "Money Baby". This rap star-in-the-making has another hot joint that's absolutely killed Atlanta radio; "Cut Her Off". The remix features none other than 2 Chainz, who adds his charismatic energy and unforgettable one-liners to the song. Check it out below.......late pass!